Ever wondered how the arts scene developed over the years? Here’s a timeline view of the many achievements by artists in our community. We’ll keep updating it as we discover more of their stories and passion for the arts!

1984 Jigri Yaar Bhangra
1994 Kohinoor Bhangra Singapore
1995 Bhangre De Sitare
2001 SherePunjab Bhangra
2002 Flawed Element
2007 Joshiley Bhangra Singapore
2008 ThambiKSeaow
2009 Jaan Punjabi Bhangra
Constellation Rising
2010 Yaar Panj-Aab Phangra Troupe
2013 SMU Bhangra
Yale-NUS College Bhangra
2015 S.W.A.T Singapore
Afsana Arts Weekend 2015
2016 Sugarbread
Chup Kar Kay Beth Ja
The Birthday Book 2016
2017 The Birthday Book 2017
Time Don’t Change
Sikh Voices Volume I: Traits of Future Sikh Leaders
This…is just play
2018 The Poetry House, Vol 1: Prison of Youth